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Calopetrix sp. with Canon Eos M
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210 211 212 213 214 Coenonympha pamphilus Empusa pennata Butterfly Pontia edusa
Calopetrix sp. with Canon Eos M
In the album Macrophotography
Using Canon EOS M
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  3. antonio
    Sony Nex 5N is good! The Eos M mirrorless has the same sensor like 7D, is good :) But in this photo the quality is good also and especially for the lens used, true macro lens ( Tamron 90mm) :)
    PS I like this gallery...very good addon!!! I have only problem for importer photos from vBGallery addon for vBulletin...I saw that there is no importer for vBgallery :)
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  4. sonnb
    5N is not good as you think. It usually out of focus, especially in low light condition.
    1.0.x versions are for importers so it would be available in 1.0.x.
  5. antonio
  6. sonnb
  7. antonio

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