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For many centuries humanity had been interested in the notion of spirituality. People seek to identify its main point and why it is so important. In spite of this, one often confuses the concept of spirituality with religion. Spirituality puts love and human happiness on the first stage; this is what differentiates it from religion. Spirituality is the inner world of people. It is a desire to cognize the entity. In addition, spirituality gives people a chance to be happy and to love others. They do not pay attention to trifles and feel themselves better. Spirituality is the richness of the human spirit. It is worth to distinguish the concepts of spirituality and religion. The latter has constant frames of behavior, while the former gives a choice. In the case of religion, all answers are formed, and humanity can find explanation for everything that is interesting. A spiritual man should find all the answers by himself. The meaning of religion is labor, and only through it a person will find happiness after his/her death. Spirituality has an opposed meaning, just to be happy. Spirituality and creativity show human nature. They help people to find themselves in this world and feel responsible for their actions. The ability to see beauty makes the world better. This material was prepared by Kyle Mitchel is a talented writer at https://advanced-writer.com. He likes to depict his thoughts on paper.