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sonnb - Up Thread 1.4.11

Bring a new feature to your forum to reducing of "upppp" message spam.

  1. Bug fix and a minor change

    - Fix the issue with Auto Up Schedule that did not work with users who have unlimited up times.
    - Change tab index of Up Thread (Next to Post Reply button). Now when users press tab, it would focus on "Post Reply" button.
  2. Bug fixing

    - Undefined index in Auto Up cron
    - It is now compatible with XF 1.2 and earlier.
  3. It is now compatible with XF 1.2

    It is now compatible with XF 1.2.

    If you are not using XF 1.2 then this update is not required.
  4. Fix wrong counter for Upable thread per day

    - Fix wrong counter for Upable thread per day
  5. Updated to 1.4.0 with new features and improvement

    - Remove Time Limit Option. Now Time limit for thread and global were moved to User Permission.
    You are able now to use both limit type: For example: 30s between Up and 300s between Up for single thread.
    - Optimized Thread list button render and overal optimization.
    - Added option to show single button/dropdown menu (as usual) in thread view.
    - Added Up button next to "Post Reply" in quick reply.
    - Added Count down support for Up Buttons in Thread View (Enable/Disable via Admin Options).