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sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) 2.6.10

Modern Albums with Photos and Videos gallery for your XenForo

  1. New options and bug fixing

    - Added option allow to specify how many related photos would be shown in photo view.
    - Added option that allow specify how many comments would be pre-loaded in album/photo view.
    - Added option to enable/disable Category and Collection feature.
    - Added option to allow show current user's activity location in gallery. (Cost more queries).
    - Added option to enable/disable RSS feature.
    - Added option to allow and [MEDIA] BBCode in comments.
    - Added a privacy option: "People I follow".
    - Added feature to filter nudity photos and apply action to those photos (might give false positive results).
    - Added option to limit Photo's size/width/height (global).
    - Minor changes in photo upload JS
    - Minor code changes.

    - Fixed issue with streams: Cannot add streams, stream detail only shows latest added item.
    - Fixed several minor issues.


    1. 8-31-2013 2-18-56 AM.png
    2. 8-31-2013 2-19-06 AM.png
    3. 8-31-2013 2-19-21 AM.png
    4. 8-31-2013 2-19-29 AM.png
    5. 8-31-2013 2-19-39 AM.png
    6. 8-31-2013 2-27-07 AM.png
    7. 8-31-2013 2-28-06 AM.png
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