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sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) 2.6.10

Modern Albums with Photos and Videos gallery for your XenForo

  1. New location editing interface, GIF indicator, bug fixes

    - Added ability to click a position on map while editing album/photo's location.
    - Added indicator if photo is an animated GIF.
    - Added edit location and privacy link to overlay.
    - Other minor changes.

    - Fixed RTL issues with overlay and related photo's navigator.
    - Fixed issue with widget comment if thumbnail's size are not configured.
    - Fixed issue while rebuilding photos and albums
    - Fixed issue while deleting/rotating photo related to new integration.
    - Other minor bug fixes.

    =====Upgrade to 1.1.1=====
    1. Upload the contents of the upload/ folder to your XenForo root.
    2. Import "addon-sonnb_xengallery.xml"
    3. Clear cache (Cloudflare,...) to remove cached js files.
    4. Rebuild photos with "Rebuild EXIF" option selected.
    5. Rebuild albums.
    6. You are done.
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